Brushbond Grey

Brushbond provides a seamless, waterproof coating suitable for use in water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, roofs, toilets and wet areas to ensure water tightness.

Brushbond TGP

Waterproofs and protects concrete structures. Resistant to water, carbonation, and chloride ion ingress. Enhances durability. Flexible, seamless application.

Conbextra GP

Conbextra GP: general purpose, shrinkage-compensated (Class A) cementitious grout. Flowable or trowellable. Suitable for gaps 10-100 mm. 28-day compressive strength

Concure WB White

Spray on fresh concrete to create a temporary membrane, retaining moisture for proper curing. Ideal for large concrete areas like pavements, runways, bridges, and vertical or sloping surfaces.

Conplast Blocksave

Conplast Blocksave enhances concrete by dispersing particles, optimizing water performance, improving consistency, increasing workability, reducing water usage, and boosting strength levels.

Nitobond SBR

Nitobond SBR enhances concrete repairs, floor toppings, renders, slurries. Suitable for horizontal, vertical, overhead repairs, including permanent immersion.

Nitocote CM 210 Grey

Waterproof coating for water retaining structures. Suitable for tanks, reservoirs, canals, culverts, and retaining walls. Compliant with BS8102:2009 for waterproofing.

Nitoflor Hardtop

Nitoflor Hardtop: durable, abrasion-resistant surface for fresh concrete floors. Dry shake method. Strong bond. Ideal for high-traffic areas: power stations, heavy industry, agriculture.

Renderoc S Xtra

Cost-effective, durable, compatible, user-friendly, and easily demonstrable. Shrinkage control ensures right-first-time repairs, low permeability extends the working life, and defined performance aligns with host concrete.

Reebol WB

Enables fast, clean, and simple stripping of molds and formwork, ensuring excellent quality, smooth concrete with no stains. Facilitates easy release, minimizing damage.

Renderoc FC

Renderoc FC: cementitious fairing coat for thin layer application. Smooth surface, fills up to 3mm imperfections. Can be used alone or with other Renderoc mortars.

Renderoc Plug

For the rapid patching and plugging of concrete segments, concrete and brick tunnel linings, sewage systems, below-ground access chambers, pipes, basements, foundations, and mines.

Renderoc LA Xtra

Renderoc LAXtra is ideal for structural repairs, including column restoration, soffit repairs, restricted access areas, congested steel repairs, and load-bearing repairs, offering high fluidity and practicality.

Renderoc HS Xtra

Novel material technology regulates drying shrinkage, guaranteeing consistent repair dimensions and preventing failures caused by shrinkage cracking.

Supercast Hydrofoil

Fosroc Supercast Hydrofoil is part of their PVC waterstop range. It can be placed internally or externally and it provides a long-lasting, flexible and durable solution.